Artist Statement

I am an artist. Inspiration for my work comes from el arte y la vida, the philosophy behind every piece, life inspires art and art inspires life.  By tapping into the interrelationship of time, memory, and experience, my passion for art is appeased only through its production.

The creation and illusion of culture, identity, and history are the major themes that are woven into the fabric of my art.  I produce work that is reflective of my experience.  By conducting scholarly research on the visual manifestation of these themes, I deconstruct and re-imagine the findings.  I manifest these ideals through various projects that include large scale paintings, mixed media projects and illustrations.  My work explores the contemporary cultural use of images consistently reproduced and maintained over time, and the blurred line between ritualistic religious practice and secular cultural production.

Committed to art education, I seek to inspire and promote the production of art as a crucial visual language necessary to the future of society.

I believe every person is an artist given the opportunity to venture on a visual journey of self expression.




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