The RE-purpose of this blog is to document the sometimes emotionally draining, slightly stressful and always enlightening process of surviving, as an artist, a woman, a single mother, a social worker, a scholar, an art educator and all the many hats we all wear from time to time.

My name is Kimberly Garza Campbell. I was born on the border with Mexico in South Texas, better known as Laredo/Nuevo Laredo.  After leaving the “nest” I lived in Spain for a few years and eventually ended up in San Antonio.

I hold a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting from the University of Texas in San Antonio. After graduating I decided to take my education in a different direction thru a graduate program. And then “life” happened and I took a long break. When I finally felt confident in making the commitment I returned to the graduate program. I started this blog as a tool to document my thesis process. After some challenges balancing a full time job, graduate school and being a single parent of an amazing teenager, I managed to successfully complete a unique thesis to go along with my graduate degree in 2014 with a Masters in Bilcultural Bilingual Studies with a concentration in Bicultural Studies.  This program incorporated my interest in the arts, culture and education which inadvertently exposed me to a whole new way of approaching my own art making process.

After some existential hiccups (OK fine there have been MULTIPLE hiccups), some novice meditating, devouring a large amount of sour gummy worms and literally holding my breath when anxiety got the best of me I decided there was no way around it, I must document and share my experiences, because I know I am not the only one who struggles, fails and sometimes succeeds against the odds. My lifelong goal is to one day support myself and my family as a full time artist, this is the journey.


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