FeaDolls & Mole


FeaDolls by Andi & Sofia

The Art in 5 Project is about ‘fast art’ collecting and presenting. Materials are immediate because they all around us, trash, discarded items, so many choices and you don’t have to go far to find these readymade treasures. Posting on a social media forum provides real time sharing, so there is no delay between the collection and the creative deconstruction/reconstruction process. As I develop this “art story” questions have emerged. Thinking about the objects I have collected up to this point I realized that they are all mostly utilitarian. Most can be described as objects that are used to put things into (containers) and others are used to cover or seal a body or object such as clothing.

How does an object transform from utilitarian into an art object?

The idea of reusing materials is ancient, it may in essence be the manifestation of creative solutions that contribute to adaptation and survival. Innovation, perhaps not limited to humans, is a way for beings to actively pursue solutions to the harsh reality of our environment. The other day I was tagged on an article that had photographs of hermit crabs with beach trash homes, evidence of our wasteful folly?  Yes.  Proof of creative innovation?  Yes. And it made me think further about the idea that there is a flux between utilitarian objects and art objects, that both can be the other and transform at any given point of its existence, providing multiple opportunities for use.

Mia and I recently visited fellow artist team,  Abril “Andi” Garcia-Linn and her daughter Sofia. After some delicious home-made chicken mole and slightly perfectly burned rice we talked about how they employ the reuse philosophy in their most recent venture, FeaDolls.

Andi always has a creative project going, and when the idea of picking up 5 random objects for the Spare Parts Instagram project came up, they were our first stop. Andi keeps bins of supplies and projects in her work area that transforms into the heart of her home at every meal.  Sofia, a sassy six year old with a sense of style surpassing her age,  made a drawing of Frida Kahlo for a school project and Andi thought it needed to come to life; one doll is now a series of Frida FeaDolls and custom order creations as vibrant as the mother and daughter that make them.  Andi maintains a collection of fabrics carefully curated and collected over the years, mostly given to her by friends and family, some second hand finds and some she even found at last years Fine Art Fair hosted by Spare Parts. She reinvents these previously utilitarian articles of clothing to bring her daughter’s drawings to life to make the cutest, creepiest creations! Sofia is the designer and Andi executes the production of a series of unique one of a kind dolls. From utilitarian to art object, but as much fun as we had playing with the FeaDolls, I guess they go beyond art object and pause in play as a utilitarian!

Andi and Sofia inspire us to use our imagination and creativity that make drawings come to life by reusing some fabric and most important, sharing a vision of art!

For more on FeaDolls check out their etsy store!

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